How to Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking

It is usually a common belief that speaking in public is reserved to certain people, and if you are not confident enough, you should not take to the stage. Several people fear to speak to a large number of people, not necessarily because they lack the courage to do so, but for fear of embarrassment.

Addressing a group of more than three people is, already giving a public speech. That is the point everyone has to begin with if they are to conquer their fears. To make your oration a success there are a few things that you ought to keep in mind and put into practice.

Knowing what you are going to talk about is vital. It is so pointless to get yourself all prepared, dressed up for the occasion, and when your time comes up to give your talk, you choke on words because you were not prepared on the topic. It is crucial to do adequate research on the points of discussion and to accustom oneself to the vocabularies that will make their speech eloquent and outstanding. It would be awkward to use words that do not suit the occasion, and as surprising as it may get, it is embarrassing.

It is essential always to note the fact that people who gather for a specific function usually do so, knowing at the back of their minds that someone will be giving a particular articulation. Therefore, to avoid getting yourself into an awkward position, why don’t you learn about the audience? Remember that tone in communication, and the choice of words primarily lies on the kind of audience, their profession, and their ages. For instance, you would not talk to engineers about how to venture on aesthetic medicine. It would be inappropriate. You would not also address 75-year-old folks about how to prepare adequately for their examinations. So the point here is that to avoid messing up on stage and hence getting tensed up, knowing your audience and choosing the right words and topic will make you more relaxed and composed.

Being organized is usually a salient part of both giving a speech and also overcoming the fear of doing so. Imagine turning up to a meeting, shaggy and dirty. How would you feel? Also imagine turning up to the same meeting, well dressed and cleaned up. You will realize that in this case, your appearance will play a significant role in making you feel more at ease. Therefore, you have to be well organized in both the way you look and how you present your oration. If you do not plan yourself well and how to do everything step by step following the “one-thing-at-a-time” rule, then you will end up freezing on stage.

Rehearsing what you are prepared to take to the audience in words is usually very important but also very risky. If you do too much of practice, you will end up going blank in the middle of your talk and walk away having been the laughing stock. Just a little rehearsal is vital to take away the chills and accustom you to what you are going to tell the audience.

Psychology has it that confidence has a lot to do with your first reaction, how you deal with it, and how you pick up from there. Taking a deep breath has been commonly used until nobody considers it to be effective anymore. But, hey, it is! Taking a deep breath will relax your mind and supply enough oxygen to your brain consequently. The result is a general relaxation of all the body organs, and therefore twitching and shaking at this point will have been dealt with. But that is just the first and the second part; your reaction and how you deal with it. But how do you pick up? Others would crack a joke to break the tension or clap their hands to get the attention of the audience. What one does may seem or sound awkward, but if it helps them relax, then why not? Generally, making use of the stage space by walking to cover it but at the same time avoiding pacing, is one of the most fabulous ways to relax your mind and make you confident.

Public speaking can be as simple as yawning and can also be as difficult as seeing your backbone with either eye. Avoiding stage fright is so simple because it all depends on you. How you react, act and pick up will mean a lot to the rest of your speech. So before you decide you are not brave enough to talk or strong enough to handle an embarrassment, why don’t you race yourself and follow these few and simple tips?

How the Blues Really Began

Many rock ‘n’ roll groups, including the Beatles were inspired by the blues. Guitarists Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix had a blues foundation behind their rock sound. Where and how did the blues sound begin?

What is the blues?

The blues is music about the pain and suffering of African Americans sung and accompanied by trumpets, piano, and woodwind instruments. There are basically to types of blues: Folk -blues and Delta-blues. Folk-blues is about preliterate and literate rundown black communities. Delta-blues is about revisionists of the 1960s.


In the beginning learning the blues was like first learning family history or old songs, word of mouth. The blues really began in the 19th century on southern slave plantations where African American slaves used to sing while they picked cotton or tilled the soil. The original blues tunes died with the sharecroppers who lived near the Mississippi Delta river.

The Publishing 

The first published blues sheet music happened in 1908. The sheet music includes chord progression, twelve-bar blues notes. After the blues music was published the music was played in tent shows, by comedians, musicians, and at the circus. Traveling blues bands played the blues on trains and sidewalks. The wandering songsters made the blues tunes more upbeat so people could dance to it.

The Founding Father 

The credit for 20th century blues goes to WC Hardy. William Christopher Handy was an African American songwriter born in Florence, Ala in 1873. Handy, a former music teacher, was known as the Father of the Blues. Being raised in a strict religious household that had forbidden musical instruments to be played because his family considered them tools of the devil. Handy sneaked practice time for a guitar and his trumpet. In 1903, the members of his band appointed him the bandleader of Knights of Pythias.

The Founding Mother 

Ma Rainey is thought of as the Mother of the blues. She was born Geraldine Pridgett in Columbus ,Ga. on April 26, 1886. When she was only 12, Pridgett made her singing debut at a local talent show. At 16, she joined her parents’ travelling musical show. In 1904, Geraldine Pridgett married Will Rainey. The two performed as Ma and Pa Rainey , even though the couple had no children. In Clarksdale, Miss., Ma Rainey heard a young woman sing a song about a lost love. She quickly memorized the song and decided to use it as the last song in each of her acts. Ma Rainey began to perform with such performers as Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong. By the end of her career, she had sold out to packed houses and had sold millions of records sold. She continued to perform until 1935. The blues continued to gain momentum.

1930s to 1940s

Boogie Woogie became a popular form of the blues in the 1930s and 1940s. Boogie Woogie actually started to become popular during the 1920s. It is typically played on the piano and is a form of rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly. In the 1940s, there was a trio of singing sisters who wanted us to believe that that a certain trumpet player from the Chicago area could play boogie woogie style on his trumpet. When he was drafted into the army during World War II, he woke the men up with a boogie woogie style version of “Reveille ” and put them to sleep with a boogie woogie version of “Taps.”


The transition from country blues to urban blues began in the 1920s. the electric blue that is blues played with electric guitar became popular around 1948 in Chicago. The blues became rhythm and blues, the precursor to rock music. R& B became a popular genre that was usually performed by black singers and musicians most notably, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, Chuck Berry, and others. One of the first people to transition rhythm and blues into rock ‘n’ roll was Elvis Presley singing “Steamroller Blues” and “Mess of Blues ” to honor the blues music genre in 1957.

1960s and beyond 

Eric Burdon of the Animals in 1964 honored Halley and the Comets when they performed “Shake Rattle, and Roll. Eric Clapton sang at least six songs that pertained to the blues. B.B. King’s “The Thrill is Gone ” is a favorite of many 1960s and 1970s rock stars. Trio Manal made Agentine blues sung Castilian in poetry . There is a band out there today that is playing new arrangements of blues music.

Las Vegas Escorts: Choose any of Your 31 Flavors

When you hear the words Las Vegas Escorts, you have dreams of some buxom blonde or redhead. The truth is that your fantasy can come true with any type of escort that you desire. That is what makes Sin City one of the top of the line places that you have to visit in order to get a good time for a good price. In addition you will have The best selection of Las Vegas escorts available You can choose between Asians Latina’s blondes or brunettes I personally am fond of redheads, but there are those out there that will be all about a blonde and in that case, you will want to make sure that you check out a number of the services as they tend to have blondes at a record pace. This is one of the top preferred hair types that are requested and one of the types that there is such a high supply of.

If you are into redheads or even brunettes, your choices will drop off a bit as the brunettes are the second most requested type after blondes followed by redheads. After this the selection really gets narrowed and you have a limited supply of girls to choose from. If you want a specialty type of woman, you may have to go to a few of the other services and ask them for what it is that you are looking for. Generally, if they don’t have what you are seeking out, then they will be able to either refer you to someone that can get what you are seeking out or can find someone that is in their reserves that will fit the bill.

Many of these places will not tell you that there are those escort services that cater to the special needs that men have. This is a simple matter of women that do not fit into traditional roles and will actually fit more into the special kink section of a escort directory. These women also do come at a slightly higher price and you will have to look a little bit further. If you know where to look, then you will be able to find what it is that you seek out and can get it at an affordable price as compared to others.

The biggest thing you need to think about is what is your exact kink and how much are you willing to pay for it? These two questions can be the determine factor in how easy it will be or won’t be for you to find your dream girl.

When you go to hire one of these escorts, you do need to make sure that you keep a few simple things in mind. The most important thing is to make sure that you talk about the details of the particular arrangement. This will involve talking to the escort in your hotel room or somewhere that is not as public as to not draw any unwanted attention to you or the escort. This is one of the biggest things that you need to make sure that you are keeping in mind when talking about this subject.

Also if you call a Las Vegas escorts service, you will need to make sure you are upfront with them. This means that you can’t give them an alias name or anything for fear of being embarrassed. You will have to tell them your name and it needs to match the one that you checked into the hotel with. The reason for this is due to the fact that they will call the hotel back and will confirm that you are actually staying there. This is done to protect the girls as well as yourself.

Make sure that when you tell them what you are looking for, you are exact in what you are looking for. This is not a time again to be embarrassed as you will want to make sure that you are getting exactly what it is that you are looking for in regards to the woman you are going to spend the night with. This will help the service to make sure that they are matching yo up with the right woman that is perfect for you and your needs.

As you are able to see regardless of the type of girl that you want, you will have ample choices for you to choose from of the The best selection of Las Vegas escorts available regardless of the exact requirement, you can go in confidence knowing that while in Las Vegas, you will find the right girl for you and will have one of the best times you have ever had in your life. This is what makes Las Vegas so popular as You can choose between Asians Latina’s blondes or brunettes

Hockey In Las Vegas Has Captivated The Locals

Everyone who lives in Las Vegas loves hockey now because they have got their own team that is pretty good. The Golden Knights have a cool name that is very much like what the city would have wanted, and they are the start of a local sports craze that is only going to get bigger. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to have the best time going to these games because they have not really been able to do that before, and they are going to find out that they can make some choices that will be right for them no matter what they have done.

The hockey craze in the town is a lot of fun because it can help people be sure that they have made the right choices to be sure that they can have fun when they bring their kids. These people might not be able to have a nice time at any other games because they have never been able to go before. They can now come to these games because there is a great arena in town that everyone will love. That also means that you are going to be able to have a good time because it is going to help you be sure that you can have the best times because the new team is going to do all that it can do to help you make sure that you have made some choices that will be good for you. You can make some easy choices when you are using these hockey games to get out of the house.

You will find out that you will enjoy going tot he games and betting on them at the same time. There are some people who are going to be able to have a nice time because it is so much more fun for you and the kids. You can have some stake not he game, but you can also make sure that you have made the choices that will be good for you. You will find out that you can go to a lot of games in a year, and you will ahve even more fun because you can get something that is going to make you feel a lot better about how you are managing the things that you do. You have to be sure that you ahve figured this out because you have to do something that is going to help you get what your eally need. You also have to be sure that you have asked about tickets for the preseason and extra games because the team is a lot of fun.

There are a lot of fun things that you can do with the kids when you go, and that makes this team a lot more popular because they have come up with all these things that are going to make your world more fun. You have to get the kids involved so that you can start to have a good time. You also have to be sure that you have figured out what you think you can do to be sure that you have the right things to make your life better. You probably have no idea how you are going to have this kind fo experience again, and you can bring the kids out every time.

You are also going to learn a lot about the game because it has been made to be a lot more fun and educational for the fans. The team is going to spend a long time teaching people about how it is going to work for you. You have to be sure that you have figured out what you think you can do, and you will start having a really nice time because you can get something that will help you have a lot of good times that you could not have had before. You will get what you need when you are going to have the hockey time to your life, and you will ant to keep coming back because it is new and really fun.

You can come out to see this team right now, and you will get intot he craze that will make it more fun. You can teach your kids about hockey, and you can teach them to be the best sports fans because they will learn the game and get into it with a team that is just for them.

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