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Photoshop - 3D Grid

Here you will be taught how to make a 3D grid using Adobe Photoshop.

1) Open a new file, around 450 x 350 pixels, with any background color. I used black.

2) Open another file. 20 x 20 pixels with a transparent background and using the pencil tool do this. I zoomed in to 1600% thats why its looks so big. Make the white thinkness about 3 pixels on the top and left side.

3) Still on the 20 x 20 file, go to SELECT > ALL


5) Now click on the original file, the one with the black background. Make a new layer.

6) Go to EDIT > FILL. This box will popup.
Make sure you have USE set to PATTERN.

heres what you should get.

7) Using the rectangle Marquee tool select a area that makes a complete square. Cause we don't want to have incomplete edges in our grid like the right and bottom side are now.

8) Go to SELECT > INVERSE. then hit the delete button. Your grid should look like this.

9) Now on the Grid layer, go to EDIT > TRANSFORM > PERSPECTIVE. Just play
around until you get what you want. Heres mine.

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